Evolution firmware is the basis for future developments in the Casambi app features and functionality. Evolution firmware is capable of all the functions possible from Classic. Evolution will have new features introduced over time, whereas Classic will now only have necessary maintenance updates. Some of the initial new feature/functions provided by Evolution are shown below.

1. The maximum amount of Casambi Evolution devices in a single network is now 250 (Classic = 127).

2. New Evolution features are visible through remote connection making the commissioning and technical support phase easier than ever before. A unit’s condition (e.g. Over heated, Configuration failure, Missing driver etc) as well as the unit’s priority level in the control hierarchy are now transported over the mesh network.

3. Evolution supports some new products/protocols:

    Various DALI and DALI2 push button devices

    Casambi Ready battery powered presence & lux sensor

    EnOcean's wireless sensor.

4. Evolution supports XY and XY,TW colour control for DALI8-based fixtures.

5. Evolution supports up to 8 custom elements per fixture.

6. Evolution supports up-to 8 PWM channels for the Casambi CBM-002.


7. Evolution sharing settings have been updated. The users in Evolution are:




The 'Administrator' can make all network changes and also give access rights to new users.

A 'Manager' can make changes to all lighting control functionalities but cannot get access to passwords or decide who can access the network.

A 'User' can only use the network but not make any changes.

8. Evolution adds a 'Performance & Security' tab. It can be found in More > Network Setup > Performance & Security. From here, a user with administrator rights can choose if general unpair, flick unpair and/or Utility unpair should be allowed. In this tab it is also possible to select if firmware updates are automatically allowed and if devices are always visible.

Utility unpair will still work as fallback for 1 minute after powering a unit ON, but only if "Allow flick unpair" is enabled. To ensure proper functionality of the failsafe, do not disable all unpair options.


The different firmware can be easily identified from under "Nearby devices" in the Casambi app.

If the text “Classic” or “Evolution" is displayed next to the firmware version number, then it is possible to change the devices firmware from one firmware to the other. If there is no text (just a number), then the device is using the older processor and is a Classic only device. It cannot have its firmware changed.